Miami Dade
Miami Dade
Palm Beach
305-278-8523 Mon - Fri • 7:30AM - 4:30PM 13200 SW 128th St. Ste B-1, Miami, FL 33186
305-278-8523 Mon - Fri • 7:30AM - 4:30PM 900 Park Centre Blvd, Suite 456, Miami, FL 33169
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our mission is a simple one, to provide superior knowledge and services that: customers select for their clients, manufacturers choose to represent their lines, employees are proud to be a part of, and owners seek for long term returns.


Company Culture
Company culture is the personality of a company and our Pillars for Success. It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements.

  • Company Mission
  • Work Environment
  • Value
  • Ethics
  • Expectations
  • Goals

Our goal is to have an amicable, respectful work environment. One where we all collaborate and are accountable to each other and our clients. One where we recognize that positive participation is good for ourselves and everyone around us. Everyone should be a positive hand on contributor. A good work environment is good for productivity.

  • Be a dependable team member
  • Collaborate with others
  • Come to Jascko with a good attitude – we are not the place for negativity
  • Be innovative – offer your positive ideas and solutions
  • Be accountable and go the extra mile
  • Have some fun and be productive